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Extra Space Asia: The All-New Warehouse Facility for Your Storage Needs

Looking for an affordable and reliable storage solution in Hong Kong for your personal and business items? Congrats, you’ve come to the right place! Visit Extra Space Asia’s all-new warehouse storage today and enjoy large savings on all your rentals!

  1. Lowest storage cost in the market

Our overall storage cost is priced lower than ever. Extra Space Asia’s brand new warehouse storage rental is as much as 50% cheaper than most Warehouse storage facilities in Hong Kong. These savings mean you can spend lesser on your business inventory storage while adding more resources to your business operation and marketing cost.

So, how do we keep our prices so low?

At Extra Space Asia, your storage rent at our new warehouse storage is calculated simply based on per square feet, so that you will only be paying for the exact area you use. That’s all! – no additional cost during the whole storage process! Simply contact us today to get an instant quotation.

  1. Flexible storage plan

    We aim only to provide what you need. No more, no less. Our warehouse storage can accommodate your storage request from as small as 150sqft to as large as 3600sqft. Just let us know how much space your business requires, and we will allocate the space accordingly for you.

    Sizes are always flexible. So, if you need more space next time just let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements!

    Our non-air-conditioned warehouse storage is a great storage option for the following customers:

    A. New startups that only require small storage spaces for a short period. Our warehouse storage might substantially lower your business operating cost as it will be considerably cheaper than renting a self-storage unit.
    B. Businesses who need short-term large storage space while stocks and inventory are scheduled for delivery. You can use our warehouse storage for a flexible period for as short as 1 month!
    C. Those relocating to another country. All you need is a safe, secure space to store your items until your return.

  2. Secured Warehouse Space

Most self-storage companies in Hong Kong are unmanned, thereby posing a high risk of damage, theft and other incidents. Here, our Facility Managers are always present during operation hours from 10am to 7pm on Weekdays (Monday to Friday) and 10am to 2pm on Saturday. They are the only authorised personnel to store, retrieve, monitor and manage your items – you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything is in good hands!

Book your warehouse space at Extra Space Hung Hom today and enjoy endless savings for all your storage needs! Feel free to call us at 3974 6000 to find out more.


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Choose Extra Space Asia to be your first self-storage in Hong Kong.

With so many self-storage providers like Apple Storage, Hong Kong Storage or even SC Storage, why is Extra Space Asia Self-Storage still one of the top choices?

Space is typically limited in Hong Kong; that’s why self-storage is high in demand. But with so many choices around, customers now consider beyond price and promotions – they look for things like service, security and safety.

Here’s how Extra Space Asia Self-Storage satisfies that need:

1. Presence of facility staffs in the storage facility during operating hours

Thought of visiting some Hong Kong storage facilities during your free time, but forgot to book an appointment? Fret not, unlike other self- storage companies which might not be able to assist you as they are unmanned, you can always come to Extra Space Asia Self-Storage any time during our operating hours from 10am to 7pm (weekdays) and 10am to 2pm (Saturday).

It will also be comforting for you to know that there is consistently someone at the storage facility to safeguard the stored items. This also means if there’s an emergency (like forgetting your PIN) during our operating hours, we’ll be there to help you. Need a service staff’s assistance to upgrade or downsize your storage unit? Simply visit our office and get it done instantly!

2. Advanced security technology

Most Hong Kong storage providers would usually request for customers to purchase access cards (or Smart Cards) to enter their storage area. But what if that card goes missing? Here at Extra Space Asia Self-Storage, we understand the hassles that go into replacing your lost card – not to forget, replacement fees! That is why we provide a unique PIN code to each of our customers so only YOU can access your storage, no one else.

Fun fact about this PIN system: it will always light your way to direct you to your storage unit if you ever decide to retrieve something from your storage unit in the wee hours like 3am. Cool, right?

That’s not all! You can also find 24-hour CCTV surveillance cameras all around our storage facilities to ensure the absolute security of your items.

3. Trustworthy storage facility company - Fire Safety Department (FSD) Approved Self-Storage

After the fatal fire accident at one of Hong Kong’s storage facilities in 2017 that took the life of a firefighter, Extra Space Asia Self-Storage was one of the first self-storage companies to attain the Fire Safety Department (FSD) approval. That means all of our storage facilities strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the FSD and are safe for all customers to use. This should be an important factor when you choose a self-storage company, as storing with an FSD approved facility ensures the safety of all your belongings.

In 2018, Extra Space Asia Self-Storage was also crowned as Singapore’s Number 1 Self-Storage Brand in the Superbrands Award. Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding, paying tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands in the world. Our consistent pursuit of excellence won us yet another Superbrands Award in 2019 – we are now the only self-storage brand to win this award two years in a row!


Do give Extra Space Asia a try if you’re looking for a storage facility in Hong Kong. More than attractive discounts and flexible packages, we have all the features that will give you added peace of mind!

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5 Pointers to check if your self-storage facility is Fire Services Department (FSD) approved.

Are you renting a mini-storage that complies with Fire Safety regulations?

Did you know: if a mini-storage unit is certified unsafe, it will seriously put your items and personal safety at risk? What’s more, mini-storage that are not compliant with the fire protection regulations may close down at any time, causing inconvenience to the customers. If you are planning to store your precious belongings in a mini-storage facility, here are some key pointers to note.

1. Ensure that windows at the self-storage facility are not blocked.

If you notice your mini-storage has messy compartments or items such as wooden pallets and boxes blocking the windows, it could mean that this mini-storage has violated one of the fire safety regulations. Obstructions near a window opening is a fire safety concern that may affect a fire rescue mission.

2. 2.4-meter gap rule between storage units

The Fire Services Department (FSD) proposes a legislation that requires a fire escape path at least 2.4 meters wide to prevent the rapid spread of fire in the facility. This space is required for every 500m of items, with the mandatory requirement of working sprinkler systems in place.

3. Adequate coverage of firefighting equipment in the facility

When choosing your mini-storage, you should make sure that there is sufficient firefighting equipment in the facility such as hose reels and ceiling sprinkler systems. The distance between the ceiling sprinkler system and the content in the storage unit should not be less than 0.5 meters. Request to take a look inside the storage unit. If items in the storage unit are piled up all the way to the ceiling, it is also a Fire Safety violation.

4.  Clear exits and directional signs

Beware of mini-storage facilities with a lack of exit and direction signs. Pay attention to make sure there is clear and sufficient indication towards the direction of escape and exits as they are very important during the event of a fire.

5. Taking note of the storage size and height

Fire Safety Regulations state that the length of either side of a single storage unit cannot exceed 20 meters and the total estimated area cannot exceed 50 square meters. So, remember to keep a lookout for any oversize storage units (bigger doesn’t mean better!).  In addition, the height of the storage compartment has been limited to no more than 2.35 meters; the top of the storage compartment must be at least 1 meter away from the ceiling to meet the specification of the mini-storage.

At Extra Space Asia, safekeeping your items in a regulated environment is our priority. We are proud to say that both our Hung Hom and Sai Wan storage facilities are Fire Services Department certified, in full adherence to all the Fire Services Department regulations. By storing with us, you can be assured that your personal belongings are in good hands! For reliable and secure mini-storage, call 3974 6000 or visit us today for a free quote.