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3 Tips to Tackle Your Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning More Efficiently

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, most households would be busy cleaning up their home and sweeping away the bad luck to usher in all the good luck!

Here’s a fun fact, did you know that there is an auspicious date to do your home spring cleaning? According to the traditional schedule for Chinese New Year preparations, the house cleaning should be done on the 24th day of the 12th Lunar month, which happens to be 18th January 2020 this year.

We’ve prepared 3 tips to help tackle your Spring Cleaning more efficiently in a short time period.

1. Focus on the furnishing, appliances and carpets

Chinese New Year is the best opportunity to declutter and organise all the items. Start your spring cleaning routine this year by throwing away those items which you have not used for the past year.

Once you have decluttered, focus on items which are more visible such as your doorway carpet, floor areas and big fixtures like your ceiling fans. Start shaking and washing your carpet to keep them clean so that they can trap all the dirt from your visitor’s shoes before entering your home. After which, vacuum areas under the furniture. Remember to also remove the dust on your ceiling fans and light fixtures with a cloth or a vacuum with a soft nozzle attachment.

2. Engage a helper to aid you in your Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning

If you’re really lack of time or too tired to clean up your home after a long day at work, consider engaging an external help to aid you through the cleaning process! Try Toby, a website that connects you to a part time professional home/ office cleaning helper! They also offer extra services like pest control and even move in cleaning for those who are moving into a new home during this period. You can now relax and enjoy a clean home at the same time when you outsource the cleaning process.

3. Short Term Self-Storage Solution

Planning to host a reunion this Lunar New Year but lack of space to accommodate all your guests? Don’t fret, you can always free up some space in your home with self-storage providers like Extra Space Asia that offers both short-term and long-term self-storage solutions.

Choose to store from as short as 14 days to as long as you need. What’s more, you can start with a bigger storage unit to store all your big furniture, personal items and seasonal rarely used items. And when it’s time to retrieve them, you can always scale down your storage space to a smaller unit anytime!

One key benefit of using a self-storage unit is you can enjoy round-the-clock access to your personal items! That means if you need something urgently during the festive period, you can always visit your storage unit to retrieve them.

Extra Space Asia’s Chinese New Year Promotion

This festive season, stand a chance to win HK$500 worth of ParknShop gift vouchers on top of all prevailing promotions when you sign up for a storage unit at either Extra Space Asia Hung Hom or Extra Space Asia Sai Wan storage facilities today. For every successful sign-up, you will also be able to receive a Limited Edition Extra Space Asia Red Packet set.

Don’t miss out on this sweet deal ending 31st January 2020.

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3 Benefits for Renting an Extra Space Asia Self-Storage Unit When You Are Moving

Hey, we know the process of moving into a new home can be daunting with all the planning and packing checklist. The list never ends, and it’s stressful even thinking about it.

Before the moving, there’s always the process of wondering:

1. Do we really need that item?
2. Where to do I keep that big photo frame passed down from my grandparents?
3. Is there enough space for the family’s personal items?

There are plenty of ways you can make the moving process a smooth one. One sure way is to use self-storage, an incredibly convenient service and solution to the questions above.

What is self-storage?

Self-storage companies provide highly secure, self-contained storage spaces to give individuals & families the flexibility to rent a space according to their needs. Storage spaces range from 10 square feet to 450 square feet and the rental period start from as short as fourteen days to as long as you need. You also have the freedom to upgrade or downsize your storage space at any time.

At Extra Space Asia, each storage space is equipped with a locking mechanism that integrates with a 24-hour security system, as well as a personal access code system for customers to access their items 24/7, all year round. Air-conditioned and dehumidified storage spaces are also available and the temperature is maintained between 23°C to 25°C.

How can self-storage help during your moving period?

1) Extension of your living space

Having an Extra Space Asia self-storage unit is like owning more living space where you can store your personal items. The extra space can also come in handy for your furniture while you renovate your new home. In addition, it’s also a safe and secure place to keep your growing personal collection and memorabilia which you might not have space for in your new home. The best part of using a self-storage? Things will be kept in good condition, and accessibility is 24/7, which also means you can store and retrieve any time, any day!


2) Cost-effective alternative

Most self-storage facilities in Hong Kong allow you to start renting a storage unit from as short as fourteen days. However, did you know that you can enjoy attractive recurring discounts if you’re storing for a longer period at Extra Space Asia. With over 200 different sizes available in a self-storage space, you can be certain of taking up a storage space that best fits your needs. Most warehouse spaces do not allow 24/7, unsupervised access too. Now, you no longer have to throw precious belongings away due to lack of space, only to repurchase the same things when your new home is ready!


3) Flexible storage terms

Using self-storage facility is an excellent option as it offers flexible storage terms. For storage rental period, you can choose to store from as short as two weeks to as long as you need. What’s more, you can rent a bigger storage unit should you require more storage space during the renovation period and choose to scale down to a smaller storage unit as you remove items. Perfect for your private collection or even business inventory!

Bottom line: Using Extra Space Asia Self-Storage’s unit during the moving transition period will smoothen your moving process without you having to worry about your furniture getting dirty or whether you have enough space at home to keep all your personal belongings.Don’t compromise the safety of every item in your storage unit. Choose Extra Space Asia today, Hong Kong’s favourite FSD Approved self-storage facility!


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Choose Extra Space Asia to be your first self-storage in Hong Kong.

With so many self-storage providers like Apple Storage, Hong Kong Storage or even SC Storage, why is Extra Space Asia Self-Storage still one of the top choices?

Space is typically limited in Hong Kong; that’s why self-storage is high in demand. But with so many choices around, customers now consider beyond price and promotions – they look for things like service, security and safety.

Here’s how Extra Space Asia Self-Storage satisfies that need:

1. Presence of facility staffs in the storage facility during operating hours

Thought of visiting some Hong Kong storage facilities during your free time, but forgot to book an appointment? Fret not, unlike other self- storage companies which might not be able to assist you as they are unmanned, you can always come to Extra Space Asia Self-Storage any time during our operating hours from 10am to 7pm (weekdays) and 10am to 2pm (Saturday).

It will also be comforting for you to know that there is consistently someone at the storage facility to safeguard the stored items. This also means if there’s an emergency (like forgetting your PIN) during our operating hours, we’ll be there to help you. Need a service staff’s assistance to upgrade or downsize your storage unit? Simply visit our office and get it done instantly!

2. Advanced security technology

Most Hong Kong storage providers would usually request for customers to purchase access cards (or Smart Cards) to enter their storage area. But what if that card goes missing? Here at Extra Space Asia Self-Storage, we understand the hassles that go into replacing your lost card – not to forget, replacement fees! That is why we provide a unique PIN code to each of our customers so only YOU can access your storage, no one else.

Fun fact about this PIN system: it will always light your way to direct you to your storage unit if you ever decide to retrieve something from your storage unit in the wee hours like 3am. Cool, right?

That’s not all! You can also find 24-hour CCTV surveillance cameras all around our storage facilities to ensure the absolute security of your items.

3. Trustworthy storage facility company - Fire Safety Department (FSD) Approved Self-Storage

After the fatal fire accident at one of Hong Kong’s storage facilities in 2017 that took the life of a firefighter, Extra Space Asia Self-Storage was one of the first self-storage companies to attain the Fire Safety Department (FSD) approval. That means all of our storage facilities strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the FSD and are safe for all customers to use. This should be an important factor when you choose a self-storage company, as storing with an FSD approved facility ensures the safety of all your belongings.

In 2018, Extra Space Asia Self-Storage was also crowned as Singapore’s Number 1 Self-Storage Brand in the Superbrands Award. Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding, paying tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands in the world. Our consistent pursuit of excellence won us yet another Superbrands Award in 2019 – we are now the only self-storage brand to win this award two years in a row!


Do give Extra Space Asia a try if you’re looking for a storage facility in Hong Kong. More than attractive discounts and flexible packages, we have all the features that will give you added peace of mind!