November 01, 2019

Extra Space Asia’s Smart Business Self-Storage Choice that Gives You Endless Savings!

Looking to expand your online business or starting a new business? At Extra Space Asia, we understand that every business requires quite a fair bit of expenses, especially at the beginning stage. We aim to help your business by providing a smart business storage option that is not only flexible in plans, our storage options also work to give you endless savings!

Here’s why businesses, entrepreneurs and even those working from home should consider Extra Space Asia’s Smart Business Storage today:

1. Wide range of storage sizes under one roof

Save the trouble of finding the next suitable storage size to fit your growing business. At Extra Space Asia, we offer a wide range of storage sizes from Locker units as small as 7sqft to Walk-in storage as big as 500sqft all located in one storage facility; you can choose to up-size or downsize your storage unit any time when you need to.

2. Affordable storage options

If you have a start-up or thinking about expanding your ecommerce business, you should explore the option of using a self-storage to store all your business inventory. Wait, but why not warehouses? That is because unlike warehouses where rental costs can range from $8,000 to over $100,000 monthly for the whole space, the rental cost of using Extra Space Asia self-storage starts from as low as HK$442.50 for your first month with recurring discounts for the following months of rental. What’s more, there is also no fixed storage plans at Extra Space Asia self-storage, unlike other warehouse where you might need to rent for minimum period based on a contract.

All that, in return, will bring about significant cost savings to your business.

3. 24-hour access to a secure storage facility

At Extra Space Asia Self-Storage, you will be given a unique Pin code to access to the storage unit; this is a code that only you have, so that only you can access to your storage unit.

Fun fact about Extra Space Asia Self-Storage’s unique pin code is that it will always light your way to direct you to your storage unit should you decide to come to retrieve something in your storage unit at odd hours like 3am!

By: Michelle Lee