March 28, 2022

Expat Moving Tips 101: 3 Benefits of using self-storage when you move to another country

Relocating to another city or country? Whether you’re relocating due to a new job opportunity or for family reasons, it can be stressful as you are uprooting yourself and your family from one place to another. In these cases, renting a self-storage unit could be more beneficial when you relocate. Here are three benefits of using self-storage that you can consider in your relocation plans.

1. Affordable self-storage rental vs expensive property rental

Some expats own permanent homes in the country. Once they have decided to relocate and move to another country, they will either sell the home or rent it out to earn some extra rental income. Alternatively, those currently renting their homes might be searching for storage solutions to store those items that they do not intend to bring along.

Sound like what you’re planning to do? Consider renting a self-storage unit to store big bulky furniture or family items or even boxes. Renting a mini storage unit might be more affordable and even lower than continuing your home rental, which could cost between 382 and 442 Hong Kong dollars per square meter (as indicated on It could also be easier to rent out the whole house to earn more rental income than renting out one less room just to store their items.

2. Flexible storage period and terms 

Compared to being locked down by a permanent long-term contract to rent a home for a year or so, self-storage providers such as Extra Space Asia Self-Storage offer both short-term and long-term rental. Customers can choose to store from as short as 14 days to as long as needed. There is also a wide range of storage sizes, from lockers to walk-in units within the storage facility. At Extra Space Asia, customers can also store home items, documents, and even business inventory.

If you’re relocating to another country for an extended period, like a year or beyond, you’ll enjoy a better storage deal that will allow you to save more long term. Currently, new customers at Extra Space Asia Self-Storage can enjoy up to 50% discounts if they decide to store for more than one year. This applies to both Sai Wan and Hung Hom storage facilities. Customers can always contact the facilities’ staff at 3974 6000 or WhatsApp 6629 6624 directly to request a free storage quotation or to learn more about the various storage offerings. For customers who are not fluent in Chinese or Cantonese, don’t worry! All staff at Extra Space Asia Self-Storage are fluent in English.

3. Safe and secure storage space for your items

Unlike many mini storage providers in Hong Kong, which is unstaffed, there are always Customer Service Executives present at Extra Space Asia Self-Storage facilities during operational hours from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm. Customers can be assured that their stored items are in good hands, and should they need any assistance at the facilities, a staff will be present to assist immediately.

What’s more, all Extra Space Asia facilities are also equipped with 24-hour CCTV monitoring, and all customers will be provided with a unique PIN code to access the storage area. In terms of storage units, they can only be accessed by the customers as only they have the keys to their storage units. The storage facilities are also climate-controlled with a 24/7 air conditioner and dehumidifier. With all these features in place, all customers can have peace of mind knowing that their items, even temperature-sensitive items, are kept in a safe and secure storage environment.

If you’re searching for a self-storage unit to store all of your home items, family belongings, furniture, etc or would like to learn more about the various storage services, feel free to visit any of Extra Space Asia storage facilities located in Sai Wan or Hung Hom today!

By: Michelle Lee