January 06, 2022

Business Tips 101: 3 smart ways to store business inventory at home

Running a business from your home? We understand that it can be tough when your workspace is also your living space. It will be more challenging if you have a limited space to work with too. Here are three smart ways on how to store your business inventory at home.

Stack vertically

If you have limited floor space, it would be good to stack your boxes of items vertically upwards. This way, you will be able to utilise the space all the way to the ceiling. A good sturdy shelve can also be installed to provide more storage space for home business inventory too. You should also label your boxes as you stack them to minimise the time trying to find a particular item without rummaging through every box.

Organise and categorise by type of inventory 

Compartmentalising your items is also very important as this will be helpful during stock-taking or times when you are packing items for your customers. Sort and organise your business inventory by type and store similar products at the same location or shelve. You should also use numbers or letters on your labels for easy identification. For storage and retrieval, the order of items should also be first in, first out so that your items will not be dusty at the point of retrieval for your customers.

Label your shelves accordingly 

During the initial home business layout stage, it is important to have enough shelves for in-house storage, shipping and also for incoming stocks. This way, you will be more organised on where to store your items should they come in big bulks or when you need to pick up items and prep them for delivery. Store your popular and most frequently sold items in the area that is the easiest to access. This will help to cut time finding them.

Consider a climate-controlled storage facility like Extra Space Asia Self Storage

If you have temperature-sensitive business inventory, it would be better to store them in a climate-controlled storage facility like Extra Space Asia. By storing them here, you can be assured that temperatures are kept constant all day round.

For those planning to grow the business further, renting a self-storage will also be a good call. Firstly, you will be able to enjoy extra space to bring in more goods for your business. If you rent your storage unit at storage providers such as Extra Space Asia, you will also be able to upsize and downsize your storage unit at any time, depending on your storage needs at the point of time.

This will be cost-saving for businesses, and business owners are also not tied to any long-term storage agreement. Secondly, you will also be able to access your business inventory in the storage unit anytime, any day. This will allow you to store and retrieve your items for your clients when needed even at odd wee hours. To add on, by renting a storage unit, you will also be able to enjoy more space at home for administrative work or team and client meetings when needed.

If you have any storage enquiries, you can always call Extra Space Asia at 3974 6000 or visit any of our Hong Kong mini storage facilities located at Sai Wan and Hung Hom to have a physical tour.

By: Michelle Lee