April 21, 2020

3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

A clean home can definitely improve our wellbeing after a long day of work or school. Did you know there are plenty of benefits for maintaining a clean home such as having better health, lesser stress and also providing conducive environment for those who work or study at home? We know that it can take a lot of effort and time to keep our home clean. So, here are 3 simple tips you can try right now!

  1. Having good personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is how we take care of our body, and it is definitely never too early to start teaching the basics of cleanliness. We can always start educating our children with good personal hygiene habits with a simple routine like washing our hands with soap, cleaning up after using something and also making our bed when we wake up. These routines can help start healthy habits, and they will naturally adopt them over time.

  1. House Cleaning Schedule

Coming up with a house cleaning schedule should not take so much time away from your family or personal time. Streamline your house cleaning chores to be done on a daily or weekly basis. By introducing this batching routine, you will also have a clear idea of what needs to be done, and share the cleaning load with your family members if needed.

For daily chores, a simple checklist may look like this:

  • Make our beds
  • Clean up our dirty dishes
  • Clean and wash the coffee maker
  • Wipe our dining tables or kitchen counters after use
  • Laundry when required

As for weekly household chores, consider including the following tasks:

  • Vacuum and mop the floors
  • Discard expired food
  • Dust furniture
  • Clean the microwave
  • Change bedding when required

The list will differ according to our household needs. The perks of having a house cleaning schedule are that all cleaning chores can be evenly distributed among our family members. In this case, it would not take too much time and effort for one to tackle the chores, and this daily upkeep will also minimise the overall workload come spring cleaning season.

  1. Decluttering Spaces at Home

Did you know that living in a clean and organised space improves overall productivity? That is because the clean environment can help to improve the indoor air quality, allowing you to sleep better, and reduce the chances of family members getting sick.

If you are intending to incorporate the idea of a home office to your existing home, decluttering can be a good start to make extra space for the new home office. We can all start by throwing, donating and selling. If you have items such as memorabilia, big bulky furniture and seasonal items that you do not need now, consider renting an affordable and reliable storage space.

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By: Michelle Lee