September 20, 2021

Moving Tip 101: How to choose a moving company you can trust

Planning to relocate or move to another location for your business or residential needs? If you are new to the idea of moving, here are some moving tips on how to choose a moving company you can trust in Hong Kong so that your items are in good hands.

Ask family and friends for recommendations 

Word of mouth is always one good way to start! If there is a company that is highly recommended and affordable, family and friends will gladly share their moving company contact details as a form of referral. You can always check with your family and friends on the moving rates, moving process and any concerns you have before contacting the movers to get a quote and book a moving time slot.

Research the Moving Company

With so many moving companies around, it can get a little time consuming to look into every moving company. Therefore, once you have some on-hand recommendations, you have already narrowed down your moving company option list. However, you should also do your homework and research more about the moving companies online. You can also check to see if they are an established or new moving company and if they have a strong online presence, and clear moving processes. This will help to narrow down your options further.

Read online reviews

It is always beneficial to see what people have to say about the moving companies and their moving experience. You can read about previous customers’ experiences on platforms such as Google Review, Facebook Review, Yelp and Facebook groups. If the moving company has been around for a while, they usually will have a list of satisfied customers under their belt. If you read any negative reviews, you should also read the recovery response by the moving company and how they rectify the issue. Remember to look at recent comments and reviews instead of reviews from 1 to 2 years back, as they might not be applicable.

Check for any hidden costs or additional charges

During your online research of the moving company, you should also read their Frequency Asked Question (FAQs) section to check if there are any additional charges for a specific move. For example, if you plan to move a piano, you will need to check if the moving company can do so and the extra cost involved. You should also check if the moving company provides complimentary moving and packing materials like boxes, bubble wraps and stretch films. That is because if you have plenty of items and furniture to move, these complimentary items will come in handy to protect your furniture or any fragile items during your moving process. If you have expensive items which you are planning to move, you can also check if the moving company offer any insurance that you can purchase to safeguard your items. 

Contact the Mover to get a quote or if you have any queries

Once you have narrowed it down to two moving companies, you should give them a call or request for an online quotation. This will allow you to speak to the moving company’s personnel directly to see if they are what you are looking for and also to check if they have available time slots on your moving dates. You should always contact more than one mover to compare the moving costs too before confirming on one. During the call, you should also tell the moving company what you intend to move, the size of your home so that they can give you a quote accordingly. Check on details such as moving duration, cancellation cost, unforeseen scenarios like rain or lift breakdown, payment methods so that you have a full understanding of what will happen on the actual moving day.

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By: Michelle Lee