October 13, 2022

3 Storage Hacks that all University Students Should Try

Calling all Hong Kong university students from the residence halls and school dorms! We understand that space can be small and limited where you stay, and you might require an extra storage area for your things. Thus, we have created a list with three simple storage hacks that can help make your room comfortable and practical to stay through your university days!

  1. Maximise your wardrobe

Clothes! They come in all variations, from tops, blouses, pants and jeans to even those thicker jackets for the cold days. These clothing might take up more space than you think if you do not organise them well. For a start, you need to consider what to fold and hang. You should hang items such as your dresses, pants, skirts, etc. For thicker items such as your jackets, knit wears that you hardly use should be stored in vacuumed sealed bags so that they take up lesser space in your wardrobe.

If there is extra space in your wardrobe, you can purchase some clothes organisers or boxes/drawers where you can store your foldable clothes separately. Remember to label your boxes so that you know what you are storing, which will be easier to find.

Bonus tip: If you have a piece of luggage, you can also store rarely-used bags and bulky items in there to keep them out of sight.

  1. Maximise the under-bed storage

Under-bed storage is definitely a good storage option when there is limited available floor space in the room. If your dorm room does not come with under-bed storage, you can easily make your own. Simply purchase some boxes that will fit nicely under your bed or cotton bags to store items that you hardly use, such as your seasonal clothing, blanket, bedsheets etc. In these cases, these items are still close by and convenient should you need to access them.

Another advantage of the increased storage space from under your bed is that this frees up the much-needed wardrobe space, especially if you already have a smaller wardrobe to start.

  1. Make the most of the room’s wall

Clean empty walls are always a good storage option when staying in a small space. You can always find creative ways to make the most out of them when it comes to storage. For starters, you should always check if you can drill into your dorm wall, as this will give you an idea of what can and cannot be done.

If your school is good with you fixing up something on the wall, then you are good to try out these few storage options:

  • Building a shelf to store your books and small items
  • Placing additional hooks so that you can hang your clothing or items on the floor to enjoy more space

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By: Michelle Lee